So how do you use our service?

Using our service is fast, easy and simple. If you follow the procedures below everything will go smoothly and without delay.

Upon receiving your package we open the outside envelope. We verify that our proper fees have been enclosed. If the items already have the postage affixed we then immediately drop the letter(s)/package(s) contained in the package you mail to us with the Postal Service for processing. If the proper postage is not affixed but you included the necessary postage costs we will purchase and affix the proper postage to your item(s) and then drop the letter(s) and/or package(s) for mailing. If you fail to include our proper fees or you include items without postage and do not include the postal costs we will not process the item(s). Upon successful processing of all our customers’ items for the day we return to our offices where we will then post any confirmation number(s) customers may have requested, including yours if you requested and paid for the service, on our website. We then shred all envelopes and Remail Forms we received for the day. Any boxes will have their labels removed and/or box shredded fully. Every time our shredder bins become full or every 3 days, whichever happens first, all shredded papers are burned for final destruction. No information is retained beyond the short processing time described above which is a matter of a few hours.


What process should I follow to use your services?

Step #1:

We accept postcards, letters, envelopes, and packages up to a maximum of 50 lbs. Your inbound package can contain as many letters and/or packages you wish to send us for processing while keeping total package weight under the 50 lb weight limit. EACH INDIVIDUAL ITEM contained in the package we receive for remailing MUST NOT weigh over 13 oz unless you are paying for heavy processing where we inspect the package contents.

You need to properly prepare each item you are sending us by sealing, addressing and affixing the proper postage on your items.  Your items should be COMPLETELY READY for remailing unless you purchased optional services from us such as postage or handwriting services.

Tip: If you wish to remain completely anonymous a common practice is to use the recipient’s address as the return address on the items that you are having us remail.

Step #2:

Place all your item(s) to be remailed into a mailing envelope and send them to us. Be sure to include the proper fees for basic processing or additional services. At a minimum, this is $2 per letter, $5 per package or $10 per heavy package to be remailed. You can determine the correct total for our fees by consulting our Fees Page BY CLICKING HERE.

Step #3:

If you would like additional services such as hand addressing be sure to enclose the additional fees and instructions for hand addressing. All the forms necessary (or information we need if you don’t use our form) are located on our Forms Page.  All of the forms are available BY CLICKING HERE. Be sure to include all the proper fees for additional services.

Step #4:

Send the full and complete package to us containing all items to be remailed, any forms, and fees to:

Radicarian LLC
Post Office Box 34
Old Town, Florida 32680

UPDATE: We now are using a Post Office Box for inbound mail instead of our physical address. This allows for faster processing because we can get the inbound mail earlier in the day. If you absolutely must use FedEx, UPS or DHL instead of the USPS to send something to us then you will need to contact us to obtain a physical address to send us your item.

NOTE: If paying by a method other than cash or a US Postal or Western Union Money Order (Example: PayPal) you MUST make sure you indicate on the order form you mail us the DATE, TIME, AMOUNT AND METHOD OF PAYMENT so that we can match your payment to your items for remailing.

Make sure you include the correct processing fees:

If your item(s) are received by us ready to go (addressed, postage affixed) then our basic fees start at just $2.00 per letter, $5.00 per package or $10.00 per heavy package being remailed. For additional services, such as our anonymous confirmation service, please review the service options available on our Fee page by CLICKING HERE.

Important Information and Legal Disclaimer:

All of these items are very important so please review them before using our services:

#1: Each individual item to be remailed must be a maximum of 13 ounces unless paying for heavy processing, which involves package inspection, which increases the limit to 50 lbs. No exceptions.

#2: We do not process registered letters, insured packages or letters requiring return receipts on your behalf.

#3: The only marks added to your items, unless you pay for our optional hand addressing services, are the postmarks added by the post office you select for the mailing.  The post office used for all mailing by default is the Old Town, Florida post office unless you pay for our optional services to mail them from an alternate post office.

#4: Only packages addressed to us up to a maximum of 50 lbs will be accepted.

#5: We process received packages every day except for on Sundays.

#6: You are hiring us for processing services only. In other words, you are paying for our time and labor and nothing more. If you include funds for us to purchase postage on your behalf we are simply passing on that cost to you. We are not your agent, employee or otherwise providing any services beyond basic casual labor. You accept responsibility and liability for all your actions.

#7: There are no warranties of any kind offered, inferred or implied.

#8: We do not provide refunds of any kind.

#9: If you included the $1.00 fee for confirmation services and provided a confirmation number it will be posted on our website within 24 hours of processing.

#10: By using our services you agree that all item(s) being processed by us for you on your behalf are deemed LEGAL in the United States of America. Furthermore, you agree that if items are being mailed Internationally the item(s) in question are also legal in that jurisdiction. It is a crime to send illegal items, threatening correspondence and/or to harass individuals by mail. Please do not consider using our service for ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES, PERIOD. We will not willingly and with knowledge provide any illegal services to you.