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It is important to understand that as an anonymous package and anonymous letter remailing service provider we do NOT keep records regarding our remailing services. Therefore, once letters and/or packages have been remailed we destroy, by shredding, any remaining paperwork.  The envelopes used to mail letters to us are destroyed. The resulting shredded paper is burned once the shredding bins have become full or every 3 days. Due to security and privacy concerns when dealing with anonymous letters and packages, we are unable to answer questions dealing with a specific anonymous letter or package mailing. We can not confirm receipt or processing unless you used our confirmation number service and then it is anonymously posted on the website. In other words, if you have SPECIFIC questions about the services we can provide then we can provide you answers but no private information will be released. We respond to all email within 24 hours. After responding to your email or it is permanently destroyed for your privacy.

If you have pricing questions about our anonymous letter remailing services you should consult our pricing page first.

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