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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who are you? Tell me a little bit about your company.

Radicarian LLC is a company with multiple business enterprises. We operate a software enginnering firm with numerous web properties, Supercharger Rebuilding facility, Moving & Trucking and more. We are located in a small down in North Florida (Old Town, Fl) in Dixie County, Florida (A Geographically Large County with a small population of approximately 16,000 people).

Q: What are your payment addresses for digital payment and how much do I pay?

As far as making a PayPal payment you can send a PayPal payment for the same amount you would mail to us using cash or money order (we only accept US Postal or Western Union Money Orders) as PayPal is transacted in U.S. Dollars. We no longer accept Bitcoin or Dogecoin payments.

Oh yeah, you will need our payment addresses too!

For PayPal Payments please send to:

Q: Can you help us send a letter completely over the net without mailing it in?

We do offer a "white gloves" service for those needing URGENT service. If you do not mind us knowing the content of your letter (we will still keep it confidential) then you can pay us using a digital payment method (PayPal) and email us a PDF file. We will then print that PDF file for you (we can offer service in Color or Black and White), place it in an envelope, address it for you, apply the correct postage and mail it out for you the same day (if done by phone and before our postal pickup time otherwise it would be the next business day). If you wish to use this service give us a call at 352-469-4144. Give us a call and we will discuss the matter with you.

Q: What postmark will be on my letters and/or packages?

As part of our basic fees your mail will be postmarked from OLD TOWN, FLORIDA 32680. Sometimes if hand processing is not available immediately in Old Town (if they are extremely busy for example) then your items will have a postmark from Gainesville, Florida or Jacksonville, Florida. If you MUST have an Old Town, Florida cancellation then please indicate so on your remailing form. All other towns with additional fee will GUARANTEE that postmark to be hand cancelled on the envelope. As an OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL service with fees ranging from $10-$60 (total for trip regardless of number of items being remailed) the following cities are available:

Old Town, Florida - No Additional Charge
Chiefland, Florida - $10 Additional Charge
Cross City, Florida - $20 Additional Charge
Steinhatchee, Florida - $30 Additional Charge
Otter Creek, Florida - $30 Additional Charge
Trenton, Florida - $30 Additional Charge
Suwannee, Florida - $35 Additional Charge
Bronson, Florida - $40 Additional Charge
Gainesville, Florida - $60 Additional Charge

Q: Is it necessary that I put a return address on my mail?
Not unless you are sending a package. All packages need a return address by Postal Regulations.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept CASH in U.S. Dollars (Our prefered method of payment), US Postal and Western Union Money Orders & PayPal.

Q: Can I remail with priority or express mail?
Yes, you can. We only provide this service for mail remailed from Old Town, Florida. You need to calculate postage based on a origin zip code of 32680. For the USPS Postal Calculator CLICK HERE
Q: Do you keep all of our information confidential and anonymous?
Absolutely. We keep no records for our remailing service. We shred everything you send us that is not intended for remailing.
The only exception to this "record keeping" policy is if you pay via PayPal obviously we will have a record of your payment.
Q: If I am requesting a delayed mailing of item(s) what is that maximum period of time that I can request?
We allow you to specify a date for remailing up to a maximum of 180 days (6 months) from the time we receive your items that you are requesting to be remailed.
Q: Can I send an item using the REGISTERED MAIL or CERTIFIED MAIL service?
No, we do not offer this option.
Q: Can I send an item with Delivery Confirmation?
Yes you sure can. The easiest way for you to do this is to affix on of the green and white delivery confirmation slips to your item. You can obtain these slips at any post office. Be sure that you add enough additional postage to cover the cost of the delivery confirmation service. IMPORTANT: Be sure to write down the Delivery Confirmation number so that you can check for delivery of your item(s) on the USPS website. We do NOT keep a record of delivery confirmation numbers so be sure to record that data yourself.
Q: Do you provide a hard-written letter service?
Yes we do. We provide handwriting service in the written hand of either a male or female writer, your choice. The fee is a base fee of $1.00 per page plus $0.10 per word in addition to the regular remailing fees. For this service you need to include a hand written or typed letter to us that you want us to re-write for you.
Q: Do you provide translated hand-written letter services?
Yes we do. Much like the standard handwriting services we offer in the written hand of either a male or female writer, we can provide the same service with an English/Spanish translation. Our translators are NATIVE Speakers of both English and Spanish so translations are professional translated by a PERSON NOT SOFTWARE. The fee is a base fee of $1.00 per page plus $0.20 per word in addition to the regular remailing fees. For this service you need to include a hand written or typed letter to us that you want us to translate and re-write for you.
Q: Can you remail my item(s) to an address outside of the United States?
We only provide this service for regular letters weighing less than 1 ounce to locations outside of the United States. We do not provide remailing services for anything that would require a customs form.
Q: Will you stop and return my mail to me if I change my mind and no longer want you to remail my items?
Yes. If you no longer want us to remail your items you must immediately send us email at, send us a faxed request at 352-448-4383 or call us voice at 352-469-4144. We check our email & faxes each morning before processing the mail. To identify yourself you need to provide in the email, fax or voice call either the full name and address of the recipients OR the mailing confirmation number (if you selected that service from us). Once we have stopped the remailing service for you we will either destroy the items for you or we can arrange to send them back to you. If you want the items sent back to you it will require an additional fee to cover costs such as postage.
Q: How much postage do I need to put on my items?
You need to know the weight of your items. You can use the Postage Calculator on the USPS web site. CLICK HERE to access the postal calculator. Be sure to use zip code 32680 for the "From ZIP Code" field.
Q: Is your service really anonymous? What about me using this website?
We don't make any special effort to record the IP address of our visitors. We have many visitors that come to our web page, some may purchase our services, some may not. There really is no way of easily matching up someone's IP address to items that would be sent in for remailing services, nearly impossible really. Once items have been remailed we shred any left over materials that were not remailed (like the envelope you send to us containing your items). We don't keep any logs of what we remail.
Q: Is using a remailing service legal?
Of course. You don't think we would be providing illegal services openly on the Internet do you? We offer an ethical and honest service for legal purposes. You are simply paying us for our labor of hand delivering your mail to a post location for mailing. We do NOT condone any illegal use of our service or the US Postal Service. Additionally, we will not provide any handwriting services that would relate to any illegal activity (such as threats to someones life or well being). We are not providing this service to anyone for illegal purposes and will not do anything we believe is being done illegally. Obviously, we will not be able to read your sealed mail and you are solely responsible for the content of such. There is nothing illegal about keeping your location private and that is the basis of the services we are providing to you.