Anonymous Letter Remailing Service

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Why do people use a remailing service?

Everyone has their unique reasons for using a remailing service. What it typically comes down to in the end is that someone, for some reason, wants to conceal where they are currently living. This can be done for reasons ranging from personal security to simply wanting to reduce their contact with unwanted persons or situations. This is why we are here to help. Sometimes dealing with conditions in life can be best done from an anonymous place of comfort. The reasons are really endless and you could sit for hours thinking about WHY someone would want to use this type of service. The very fact that you are on this website and reading about our services basically indicates you have a reason to use a remailing service and are considering using our services.

For whatever reasons you might have we are here to help you. We do provide a totally anonymous service. We don't care why you want to use our service and honestly it is none of our business as long as you are using our services in a legal manner. As long as you are not attempting to mail anything illegal or harass others we are here to help you. As long as you are sending us ready to go addressed and sealed items we do not know what you are sending. The only time we would know what is contained in a letter, for example, is if you were using our translation or letter writing services. Regardless of how you use our services, when our remailing services are complete we destroy all remaining documentation and envelopes we received from you. We shred all papers daily and burn the shredded paper on a cycle that is every 3 days or less.

We are truly a confidential and anonymous service here to help you with difficulties of life or if you simply are just having fun with friends or family.


Possible Reasons:


For fun gags and jokes on friends and family. Complaint letters to organizations or companies.
Packages and/or letters from a secret santa. Correspondence with friends or family without revealing your location.
Providing important information to someone anonymously. Send someone a secret admirer letter or gift.
Be able to write to bill collectors without disclosing your location. Get a letter to an ex-spouse without disclosing where you live.
Random acts of kindness or charity. A way to identify yourself with an area for business reasons (home base).
A safe way to send something to an Internet romance safely. Cards or letters from the Tooth Fairy.
Cards or letters from the Easter Bunny. Report an illegal activity to law enforcement.
Privacy of your real location or address while travelling. Send an anonymous letter to report an affair.
Provide information to the news media about an important matter. Send someone on a mission to find you in Florida.
Send mail or postcards from the United States to family back home. And many more possibilities......